Although some people argue about exact years, most people agree that the millennial generation are people born from around 1982 until about 2004, generally coming of age around the turn of the new millennium. This is a pretty wide range, and on the older end of spectrum will have people who remember game boys, pogs, dial up internet and AOL instant messenger. On the younger end you’ll have people who don’t remember a time without wifi everywhere and the iPhone. Either way, some of the formative historical events that millennials either lived through or were effected by during their formative years were 9/11, the great recession of 2008-2009, and Hurricane Sandy. Many millennials were graduating college and looking for jobs in a very unstable job market during the recession. Experts believe that this has effected their overall outlook their financial future, and has motivated many to prioritize saving. Millennials tend to be more liberal than their predecessors and are more technologically savvy.

As of this writing, the oldest of you will be approaching forty, while the youngest will be getting ready to graduate high school soon. This age range naturally includes many people who are in the midst of a great deal of life transitions and decisions. Where to go to college? What to choose as a career? How will I afford to buy a house? Who am I? What are my values? Many of you will be experiencing relationship concerns and many will be parents of young children. Although this cohort is still pretty young, they are not immune from health issues as well.

During this season of life with so much uncertainty and transition, many people worry about their decisions and their future. Whether this describes you, or you’re just looking for an outside perspective to bounce ideas off of, feel free to call us to see if one of our skilled therapists can be the perfect match for your needs.

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