Fear of Animals

Zoophobia, or fear of animals, is a pretty common condition where one is afraid of one or more non-human animals. These can be predatory animals, gross / dirty animals, mysterious animals, as well as cute fluffy ones. Let’s point out that fear and anxiety are healthy, important emotions that help us avoid threatening or unfamiliar situations and can help keep us safe. However, sometimes the fear reaction is disproportionate to the situation. As with other phobias, people with zoophobia may have panic attacks when they are proximity, watching movies about, or even just thinking about the feared animal. This can get in the way of functioning in a variety of ways, such as not visiting your friend because they have an animal you are afraid of, not being able to go certain places, or doing so but with great distress.

Through exposure therapy and other techniques, we can help you regain your ability to cope with these triggers! Call us today to discuss options.

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