Couples Counseling

At one time, you couldn’t possibly imagine anything better than spending time with your partner. You had dreams and hopes and expectations for a long last lasting, fulfilling relationship. You knew life would throw some curveballs your way, but you fully expected to get through everything as a partnership and come out stronger on the other end. Your friends told you that you were ‘such a cute couple’ and that they envied the look you gave each other.

You’re not sure exactly when or what the turning point was, but things are different now. You don’t really enjoy spending time together, maybe you even find it irritating. You have such different ideas about things and values, and you can’t imagine how two such different personalities decided to be lifelong partners. Your romantic relationship has dwindled or petered out entirely. Perhaps you feel betrayed by your partner seeking support and fulfillment from other places.

You look around and see some of your friends separating or getting divorced. Many of those that are still together seem happy to most of the world, but you know that things are not perfect in paradise. You also look around and see that some people seem happier once they ‘open up’ their relationship and you wonder if you might be be as well. On one hand hand you wonder if you’re better off starting fresh, but you’re also afraid of change. But most of all, you long for the friendship and love and respect you each had for each other years ago. You desperately want to rekindle that spark and that knowing look in your eyes.

These are all very natural and normal thoughts and feelings and stages that partners go through over time. Whether you are coming in with your partner or on your own to sort out these feelings, we can help you with actionable techniques and interventions to enhance the spark and connection in your relationship. Our clinicians have received post-graduate in couples’ therapy which include the Gottman Method, Imago, and EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy). With their own unique flavor, our clinicians can you explore your most deeply held thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment, and will give you tools to be vulnerable and to care for each other.

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